Automatic reel handling

Unloading of the finished reel can be automated upon request. Here either a motor driven unloading cart or a stationary arranged unloading table will be used. For both solutions the reel is supported directly within the unloading position of the winder at the circumference. The hydraulic lifting device is designed for a reel load up to 4 tons.

After loading the reel the unloading cart can be traversed to a defined point of transfer, where the reel is handed over to the next step of processing. Thereby the procedure runs automatically and the operator only has to feed empty cores to the winder.

The elevator cart let the wound reel roll off directly on the floor so that they can be further transported e.g. with a manually operated roll mover or an underfloor conveyor system.

At all handling solutions the integration of the reel transport into the respective process is SOMATEC's priority - fitting to your individual task.

Execution examples

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