Automatic Turret Winder AW - C and AW - S



Roll diameter:
max. 1.500 mm (60")

Roll weight:
max. 4.000 kg (8800 lbs)

Material width:
max. 2.500 mm (98")

max. 600 m/min (2000 fpm)

Shaftless roll support

Automatic roll change
at full production speed onto adhesive prepared cores

Contact roll arrangement
for contact winding mode and gap winding mode


Even this machine concept is applicable to all winding tasks, where shaftless winding of flat webs is necessary,  the primary application of this winding machines are printing lines respectively the paper manufacturing and the paper converting industry.

Besides the proven design of the winder AW - C, where the chucks are movable arranged within the side frames, now a new design as AW - S with movable chucks directly on the indexing system is available. So an even higher flexibility for the support of different core lengths is achieved and the winder configuration therefore can be much better accomodated to the production requirements.

Whether the winder will be integrated into a newly designed production line or into a new designed plant, roll quality is always paramount!  Depending on the winder configuration driven rider rolls for optimisation of the winding quality during the indexing process as well as slitting devices for edge trimming can be added. Individual handling devices are also available.

No need to say that each of the machine concepts can also be perfectly adapted to individual requirements. In this case our specialists are eager to develop innovative solutions based on your and their longtime know-how.

Video sequence Turret Winder AW - S

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Overview of the features

Scheme roll change process with lower TAC-system
Roll change process with lower TAC-system

Shaftless roll support
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Rider rolls
Rider rolls
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Contact roll unit for contact or gap winding mode

Machine brochure for downloading

Brochure turret winders AW
Automatic Turret Winders AW
PDF (1489 KB)
Scheme reel change process with upper TAC-system
Roll change process with upper TAC-system

Automatic reel change system TAC
High speed roll change system TAC
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Automatic roll handling
Automatic roll handling
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State-of-the-art operation via colour touch panel and/or hardware buttons

Perfect reel quality
Perfect winding quality - the result of a best possible technique

The world of winding