Automatic Turret Winders ATW, ATW - I und ATW - IG



Roll diameters:
max. 600, 800, 1000 mm
(23", 31", 40")

Reel weights:
max. 1.500, 2,500, 3500 kgs
(3300, 5500, 7700 lbs)

Material width:
max. 2.500 mm (98"),
depending on finished roll sizes

max. 300 m/min (1000 fpm)
with reel change system NTC
max. 600 m/min (2000 fpm)
with reel change system TAC

Reel support shaftless or on winding shafts
beginning at 76 mm (3“) core inner diameter

Automatic reel change
up to maximum production speed
onto prepared or unprepared cores

Contact roll arrangement
for contact winding mode
and gap winding mode

The Turret Winders ATW where developed in particular for non-stop winding within plastic film and nonwoven production lines. The adaptation to any production situation is easy due to various machine sizes, different automatic reel change systems, integrated slitting devices and flexible roll handling solutions.

The highlight of the Turret Winder ATW - I is the integrated shaft extraction feature. The winding shafts are staying permanent within the winder so that finished reel handling is mostly simplyfied. 

Additionally the Turret Winder ATW-IG is designed for biggest reel diameters up to 2400 mm (95"), so that this winder is prefrerably used in the nonwoven and glass mat industry.

Also the realisation of your special requests is no problem - our specialists will create an individual solution for you, based on their long-term expericence.

Overview of the details

Automatic reel change system NTC
Automatic roll change system NTC for a roll change without core preparation

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Multiple web winding
In-line slitting

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contact roll slide for contact winding mode or gap winding mode
Contact roll slide for contact winding mode and gap winding mode

Turret rewinder ATW: inner view of side frame
Driving of the chucks via transmission belts by fix arranged AC-winding motors

Machine brochure for downloading

Brochure turret winder ATW
Automatic Turret Winders ATW
PDF (780 KB)
Automatic reel change system TAC
Automatic roll change system TAC for a roll change with core preparation

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Integrated winding shaft extractor
Integrated winding shaft extractor

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Turret Rewinder ATW with automatic reel handling
Automatic handling systems

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Operator panel
State-of-the-art operation via colour touch panel and/or hardware buttons
The world of winding