Winding machines/systems

for all web-shaped materials made of paper, plastic, nonwoven and aluminum


We stand for an experienced team of specialists who offer innovative solutions for every task in winding technology.

All in one

Our range of services extends from consulting, planning, construction and production to commissioning, training and after-sales service.

Selection by material

Each windable product has its own individual requirements. SOMATEC offers on this always tailor made solutions, which will be presented hereafter.

Selection by branch

Depending on each request SOMATEC offers most different machine concepts to convert your task into an optimum winding result.

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News from SOMATEC

At SOMATEC, we specialize in developing winding machines that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Our machines process a wide variety of materials such as plastic films, paper and non-woven fabrics with high precision.

In the processing of web-shaped materials such as films, papers, textiles and metal strips, precise adjustment and well thought-out test runs of the associated machines are essential. In this article, we discuss how the careful adjustment and testing of machine functions not only maximizes the efficiency of production processes, but also ensures product quality.

We are recruiting for our team!

Recent job offers

We are currently looking for:
  • Electrical engineer or electrical engineer (m/f/d) for commissioning
  • Foreign representation

A wide variety of machine concepts for a perfect winding result


Regardless if tension sensitive nonwovens, thin plastic films or fast running paper webs – SOMATEC Unwinders are the right solution when these products have to be fed to any finishing or converting process.


Wherever flat webs have to be wound after a production- or finishing process, SOMATEC's winders are the first choice.

Re-reelers / Slitter-Rewinders

Many different tasks require unwinding and rewinding of flat webs. Regardless if this is for slitting of individual webs, for web inspection or for further finishing processes of the product, SOMATEC offers for each of these tasks an individual solution dependent of the actual requirement.


If a roll change shall or have to be done at machine stop during unwinding or rewinding processes an accumulator ensures the  continuous web transport to or from the production line. For these tasks SOMATEC offers the most different accumulator designs and sizes.

Winding components

These are individual function groups, which are arranged and operated relatively independent from the main machine or which will be added later to the main machine.

The world of winding