Automatic Surface Winder SW - S



Reel diameter:
max. 1800 mm (71")

Reel weight :
max. 1500 kg (3300 lbs)

Material width:
max. 3000 mm (118")

max. 200 m/min (650 fpm)

Reel support on winding shafts
with minimum 76.2 mm (3“) diameter

Automatic reel change
at maximum production speed onto adhesive prepared cores

Contact roll arrangement
for contact winding mode and gap winding mode

Support roll
with motor-drive, for optimum support of the reel


The advantages of this Surface Winder are - besides of the compact design - mainly the possibility of the extension with additional features in order to satisfy most diverse requirements.

A special feature is the support roll, which supports the reel during the whole winding process from below and so eliminates effectively a bending of the winding shaft, especially during multi-web winding. With the additional motor-drive of the support roll a better winding result is achived.

The Surface winder SW - S is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Automatic reel change at full production speed onto adhesive prepared cores
  • Optimal winding conditions by surface winding from the first to the last layer; thereby no telescoping at multiple web winding during reel change
  • Optional also gap winding mode with additional center drive is possible
  • Winding tension and contact tension selectable with taper modes
  • Motor-driven support roll for optimum support of the reel
  • Winding shaft magazine
  • Compact design, thereby large winding diameters are reachable at smallest machine size

Overview of the details

Support roll in rest position

Edge trimming and multi-web slitting

Machine brochure for downloading

Brochure Surface Winders SW
Surface Winders SW
PDF (797 KB)

Support roll during winding process

Winding shaft magazine
The world of winding