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Newsletter archive

Here you will find the articles of our newsletters published up to now:


New designed shaftless turret rewinder AW-1500 S

Besides the proven design of the turret rewinder AW-1500 S, where the chucks are arranged movable within the side frames, now a new design is available. Here the chucks are directly movable on the indexing system.


SOMATEC Load relieving roll

Efficient winding means, to wind the product up to a maximum diameter onto a minimum core diameter without any loss of quality. Unfortunately there are physical limitations, when high reel weights in combination with small core diameters will result in a too high deflection of the winding shaft. A not edge-true winding is the result, especially when winding multiple webs on one common shaft.

A solution for this problem is the SOMATEC load relieving shaft, which supports the reel from below and minimizes the otherwise occurring deflection. Additionally the winding result can be optimized by the motor-drive of the load relieving roll.


SOMATEC Surface winder SW

The SOMATEC Surface winder SW offers a compact and low-cost alternative compared with turret winders or double station winders with accumulator. The surface winder SW is equipped with an automatic reel change system and can be equipped optionally with integrated slitting devices and handling devices. The main range of application is behind nonwoven production lines, within paper finishing lines and also in film production lines.


SOMATEC high speed turret winder HAW

The SOMATEC high speed turret winder HAW is a non-stop winder for highest demands at the in-line reel change. So perfect winding of sensitive materials as damageable plastic films, decor papers or nonwovens is possible up to a speed of 1500 m/min (4900 ft/min). Reel change is done at full web speed. In contrast to the standard turret winder principle the winding geometry is kept constant in optimum condition and the turret movement has no negative influence to the winding result.  read more...

SOMATEC operating manuals - no mystery for the operators

Quality means also to start-up a machine quickly and without trouble for the operators. Beside an operator training by our service personnel also a comprehensive and easy to understand operating manual is important for this. Each operating manual describes the machine functions in detail with many graphics and photos originally taken from the corresponding machine.


Oscillation of the winding station within the turret winder ATW

Will you have reels wound with a larger diameter at the ends than in the center when winding edge trimmed film? The oscillation of the winding station can be a remedy to get a cylindrical wound reel. SOMATEC has realized this function now within the Turret Winder ATW, so that edge trimmed webs can be always wound non-stop and in-line with perfect quality.


Easy core preparation for an optimal automatic reel start

The preparation of a core is often a complicated task at production preparation. SOMATEC has now developed a way, where only one single stripe of adhesive tape has to be applied parallel to the core. This is time and cost saving and will give a perfect beginning of the new reel.


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