Automatic Turret Unwinder UW - E and UW - C

Turret unwinder UW 1200 E


Roll diameter: max. 1.200 mm (47")

Roll weight: max. 1.500 kgs (3300 lbs)

Material width: max. 2.000 mm (79")

Speed: max. 500 m/min (1600 ftm)

Roll support shaftless or with winding shafts
starting at 76 mm (3“) core inner diameter

Automated overlap splicing
up to maximum production speed

The Automatic Turret Unwinder UW - E and UW -C are equipped with chucks, mounted on indexing disks in a fixed position, to support the unwinding roll. Therefore the roll can be either supported on a winding shaft (UW - E) or shaftless (UW - C). If shaftless unwinding is chosen, length differences up to 250 mm can be compensated. For larger differences, length adaptors will be used. In the case that a winding shaft is used, a pick up from floor level or from a pallet by means of integrated lift-in arms, is available.

Video sequence Turret Unwinder UW- E

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Overview of the features

Scheme unwinding process
Unwinder UW - E in unwinding position

Chucks, shaftless
Chuck for shaftless roll support at the unwinder UW - C

Automatic splicing system
Automatic splicing system
Scheme splicing process
Unwinder UW - E: Splice process

Winding shaft support
Winding shaft support at the unwinder UW - E

Lift-in arms
Shaft loading arms for easy winding shaft lift-in

Machine brochure for downloading

Brochure Turret Unwinders UW
Automatic Turret Unwinders UW
PDF (3858 KB)

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