In-Line Slitting

Finished reels, either to be sold or for further processing, are achieved with the automatic Turret Winder ATW due to edge trimming or multiple web slitting. Dependent on the material requirements either blade cut, scissors cut or crush cut are available. Also a combination of cutting systems is possible.

Trims can be guided to suction systems, edge trim winders or to an external shredder. When producing rigid plastic films, equally wound individual reels are achieved due to the friction winding system. Middle strips (bleeders) have not to be cut out due to the well designed spreader roll arrangement, which reduces the production of waste material significantly!

Execution examples

Slitting device
Combined scissors cutting device and blade cutting device for edge trimming and in-line slitting

Slitting device with edge trim winder
Edge trim removal via edge trim winders
Scissors cuttiing device
Scissors cutting arrangement

Blade cutting device
Blade cutting device with double blade holder for blade changing during production

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